PHPL Summer Classic 2019 Day 1

Strong girls, big lifts, chalk on the floor, cheers from the crowd, and smiles all around. Was today a good day? We'd like to think so!
Props to Angelo Gex Velandria x JAT Media for creating this video for our lifters!

Thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible!

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Summer Classic 2019 Winners

The winners gallery of the recently concluded 2019 Summer Classic, may be viewed at the Philippine Powerlifting Facebook Page. Images and videos of what went down at the event are also posted on the page. Get ready for the next Philippine Powerlifting Event, #PHPLRawNats2019 on August 24-25, 2019.

Weight classes for PHPLRawNats2019

Weight classes for #PHPLRawNats2019 are out. Athletes who register are allowed to change weight classes up to July 24 which is 1 month before the meet. It should give everyone enough time to asses if they can make weight or not. Weigh-ins will also be scheduled 24 hours before athletes step on the platform, giving them enough

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